AAMI's HTM Leadership Award

This award recognizes individual excellence, achievement, and leadership in the healthcare technology management (HTM) profession.

Candidates must demonstrate:

  • An extensive record of leadership and accomplishment in the healthcare technology management field.
  • Significant contributions to an important issue or issues facing the profession.
  • Leadership in promoting the positive attributes of the profession—for example, improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, and improving the use and impact of technology.
  • Leadership and a professional commitment to the field by writing articles for industry publications, participating in committees, and speaking at industry events.

Candidates should demonstrate:

  • Leadership in promoting the profession to the C-Suite, clinicians, prospective students, and other professionals in the healthcare field.
  • Evidence of HTM leadership and excellence at the workplace through, for example, contributions to management improvements; patient care; cost savings, or improvements in the use or impact of technology.
  • Leadership in national, state, or local HTM organizations.
  • Involvement in a standards development process (such as AAMI, NFPA, JCR standards) or an individual’s own organization.
  • Substantial contributions to AAMI.

Nominators may submit evidence of additional types of activities relevant to this award and to the candidate’s achievements.

The award includes a $2,500 check and a plaque to be presented at the AAMI Exchange in Cleveland, OH.

The deadline for 2019 nominations has now passed. For more information on future nomination periods, contact awards@aami.org.

AAMI's HTM Leadership Award Winners

  • 2018 – Jennifer Jackson
  • 2017 – Matthew Baretich, CCE, PhD, PE
  • 2016 – Stephen Grimes, FACCHE, FHIMSS, FAIMBE
  • 2015 – Izabella Gieras, MS, MBA, CCE
  • 2014 – Patrick K. Lynch
  • 2013 – Karen Waninger, MBA, CBET
  • 2012 – Arif Subhan, MS, CCE
  • 2011 – Frank Painter, MS, CCE, FACCE
  • 2010 – Binseng Wang, ScD, CCE, FAIMBE, FACCE
  • 2009 – Carol Davis-Smith, CCE
  • 2008 – Ken Maddock, BSEET
  • 2007 – Larry Hertzler, CCE
  • 2006 – Alan Lipschultz, CCE
  • 2005 – Joseph F. Dyro, PhD, CCE
  • 2004 – Ted Cohen, CCE
  • 2003 – Eric Rosow
  • 2002 – J. Tobey Clark, CCE
  • 2001 – Malcolm G. Ridgway, PhD, CCE
  • 2000 – Robert H. Stiefel, CCE
  • 1998 – William Betts, CCE
  • 1996 – Gailord Gordon, CCE
  • 1995 – Michael Van Lysle
  • 1994 – Larry Fennigkoh, CCE
  • 1993 – James P. Keller
  • 1992 – Alfred M. Dolan, CCE
  • 1991 – Dwayne R. Westenskow, PhD
  • 1990 – Emanuel Furst, PhD
  • 1985 – Thomas J. Bauld, III
  • 1984 – Jonathan Newell, PhD
  • 1983 – Thomas S. Hargest, CCE
  • 1980 – David J. Lubin, CCE


2018 Award Recipient

Jennifer Jackson
Jennifer Jackson

This year's recipient is Jennifer Jackson for her work to bring device integration to the forefront of the HTM profession. In 2015, Jackson led one of the first enterprise-wide deployments of bidirectional infusion pump integration in the country, further closing the medication administration loop. She also has worked with industry leaders to promote the adoption of flexible and open device integration platforms, which allow for more seamless and vendor agnostic connectivity, serving on the inaugural Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise Patient Care Device and Medical Device Plug-and-Play committees.

Jackson has been a leader in several national organizations, serving as a past president of ACCE, chairing the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s task force for medical devices and patient safety, and serving on AAMI’s Clinical Engineering Productivity & Cost Effectiveness Committee and the BI&T Editorial Board. In addition, she is a sought-after speaker on topics such as device integration, CE-IT synergy, and women in HTM, and is the associate editor of the Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine.

For more information, contact MaryJane Thomas at +1-703-253-8296 or awards@aami.org.