AAMI Foundation & Institute for Technology in Health Care Clinical Solution Award

This award honors a healthcare technology professional (individual or group) that has applied innovative clinical engineering practices or principles to solve one or more significant clinical patient care problems or challenges facing a patient population, community, or group.

Candidates must demonstrate:

  • Innovative and creative application of clinical engineering practices that fundamentally solved a problem or challenge that resulted in the improvement of healthcare delivery for (or well-being of) a patient population, community, or group.
  • That a solution was developed by an individual or group that works or is employed in a clinical setting (hospital, ambulatory clinic, learning institution, or other healthcare setting).

Candidates should demonstrate:

  • The results of a study that provides a practical solution of a patient care problem or challenge through the application of clinical engineering ingenuity. This should be a “published” study but not required.
  • That the solution can be applied by the broader medical or healthcare technology management (HTM) field in multiple clinical settings for the benefit of multiple patient populations, communities, or groups.
  • That the solution involved multiple disciplines or healthcare professionals including, but not limited to, information technology specialists, nurses, physicians, medical technicians, researchers, etc.
  • A solid and clear example of intention to promote the continued advancement of HTM applications and innovations to specific patient care problems or challenges.

Thanks to the generous support of the Institute for Technology in Health Care (ITHC), this award includes a check for $1,500 and a plaque that will be presented at the 2019 AAMI Exchange in Cleveland, OH.

The deadline for 2019 nominations has now passed. For more information on future nomination periods, contact awards@aami.org

The AAMI Foundation & ITHC Clinical Solution Award Winners

  • 2018 – Bebbe Healthcare Multidisciplinary Team
  • 2017 – Regenstrief National Center for Medical Device Informatics (REMEDI) Infusion Pump Collaborative Project Team
  • 2016 – James Piepenbrink
  • 2015 – Texas Children's Hospital Alarm Management Team
  • 2014 – Robert D. Butterfield
  • 2013 – Lancaster General Hospital and Hospira
  • 2013 – Monitor Research Team, Children's National Medical Center
  • 2011 – James P. Welch and George T. Blike, MD
  • 2010 – Elliot B. Sloane, PhD, CCE, FHIMSS
  • 2009 – Julian M. Goldman, MD
  • 2006 – Thomas M. Judd, CCE
  • 2005 – Antonio Hernandez


2018 Award Recipient

A multidisciplinary team from Beebe Healthcare, which serves Sussex County in southern Delaware, and Renovo Solutions, which is based in Irvine, CA

This year’s winner is a multidisciplinary team that is meeting the challenge of supporting and securing medical devices and systems from ever-growing cybersecurity threats while simultaneously meeting interoperability and clinical needs. The team, which consists of IT security experts, HTM professionals, and leadership staff from Beebe Healthcare and Renovo Solutions, has implemented a process that brings medical device security to the forefront of operational, capital, and strategic decisions. This partnership has been used as a model for other hospitals, helping HTM departments better prepare for and address future technology issues.

The team includes four members from Renovo Solutions: Joseph Happ, executive vice president and chief information officer (CIO); Gregory Scott, director of IT infrastructure and support; Bishal Basnyat, a clinical engineer; and Richard Toth, an area manager, as well as two members from Beebe Healthcare: Michael J Maksymow, vice president and CIO, and Glenn D. Stover, an IT security manager.

Make your 2019 nomination using the online nomination form.  The deadline for nominations is January 18, 2019.

For more information, contact MaryJane Thomas at +1-703-253-8296 or awards@aami.org.