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Our products cover a wide variety of subjects, including benchmarking, biological evaluation, career tools, dialysis, healthcare technology management, human factors, IT, standards, sterilization, and more.

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 Publications for Everyone

    2019 ASHPE AwardBI&T and Horizons are
    recipients of 2019 ASHPE awards.
    AAMI News—A monthly newsletter that keeps you up to date with industry and regulatory news, standards activities, and AAMI benefits. Each issue also includes personality profiles, interviews, and guidance from experts in the field.
  • AAMI NewsWeekly—This online newsletter, delivered directly to your email account, includes the top stories of the week; an up-to-date listing of career opportunities in the field; and news on AAMI's standards, benefits, and services.
  • BI&T—This award-winning and peer-reviewed journal, mailed six times each year to AAMI members, is filled with practical guidance, timely news articles, research papers, and features to help those on the front lines of healthcare technology and sterile processing—and their managers.
  • Horizons—Popular and widely distributed, this biannual supplement to BI&T offers a comprehensive, focused, and engaging look at one topic. Recent issues have covered cybersecurity, the role of systems engineering in healthcare technology, and clinical alarm management.
  • Standards Monitor Online—Through this regular electronic listing, you can get the most up-to-date information about standards activities, upcoming meetings, and draft documents.


What's New!

ST79ANSI/AAMI ST79:2017This go-to reference for steam sterilization and sterility assurance in healthcare facilities has just been updated. Regardless of the size of your facility, this standard will guide you through every step of the process and help you stay in compliance with accrediting bodies. View in store.

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