AAMI News October 2018

Just Published: Second Edition of HTM Benchmarking Guide

HTM Benchmarking GuideThe second edition of AAMI’s HTM Benchmarking Guide is hot off the presses! The guide is authored by four long-time AAMI members:

  • Ted Cohen, clinical engineering consultant and retired manager of clinical engineering at the University of California, Davis, Medical Center
  • Frank Painter, adjunct professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Connecticut
  • Matt Baretich, president and CEO of Baretich Engineering
  • David Braeutigam, president of Braeutigam Enterprises LLC

The second edition updates the first edition,published in 2015, to apply lessons learned from AAMI’s HTM Benchmarking Task Force. This includes a new emphasis on “the importance of appropriately allocating corporate-level HTM expenses to individual facilities within a multiple-facility system,” according to the preface. “Systems are the new norm.”

Another new focus is “the need to distinguish (a) equipment maintenance expenses from (b) engineering and project-related expenses,” according to the preface. The “latter category is where HTM is growing.”

Finally, to supplement the long list of metrics from AAMI’s online Benchmarking Solutions, which has been decommissioned, the authors propose refinements in the definitions of a short list of key performance benchmarks.

This second edition of the HTM Benchmarking Guide is available at no cost on the AAMI website, www.aami.org/BenchmarkingGuide.